MapleMe is currently hosted on a server with the following specs:

Intel Pentium 4
3.2GHz Processor

When VPSLand accepts bank transfers, I'll rent a dedicated server.

We have the following features:

Sharenian Guild Quest
Papulatus/Zakum doors
White Scrolls
Beholder buff
Maple TV removed
Scroll seller (Spiegelman)
Showa town salon
Job changer (Cody)
Skill maxer (Duey)
Rebirth NPC (Mr. Pickall)
Fame Npc (Coco)
Shadow Claw
Echo of Hero
Maple Messenger
Pressing the Trade button warps you to FM
Summoning bags
VIP teleport rocks
Max AP 30000
Cash Shop
Added lots of commands
Report System
Ludi Pq
Kerning Pq
Multi leveling
NPC Animation
FM boss warper
2x Exp card
Ranger rollbacks fixed
Skillbooks (Spindle)
Guild ranks (Honorable rocks)
Horntail death animation
Star seller (JM from tha streetz)
chair seller (Mr. Moneybags)

I also added a negative exp fix. When you get negative exp, you get a level up.
All towns sells their job items. So, Henesys weapon store sells level 100 bows/crossbows and Kerning city armor store sells level 110 armors.
Skelegons drops level 110 items.
You get NX by killing normal monsters. They give the same amount of NX as the amount of meso they drop.